New Patterns of
Power and Profit

A Guide to Competitive Advantage
in the Evolving Information Age

About the Book

Information changes everything, from corporate strategy to the behavior of individual consumers, and from our selection of products to purchase to our election of our most senior government officials. The net brings us greater access to everything, while threatening our privacy in ways that we could not imagine even a dozen years ago. This is, indeed, the digital transformation of everything.

How should corporations respond? How should individuals plan, from choosing a career, to managing their investments, to protecting their families? While the changes can seem overwhelming, the book introduces a few simple patterns that allow us to understand what is happening, and what will happen next. Rather than be swept along by the flood of information-driven change, the reader will learn to surf the waves of change for sustainable competitive advantage.

The Author

Eric K. Clemons

Professor of Operations, Information and DecisionsProfessor of Management

Dr. Eric K. Clemons is Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. A pioneer in the systematic study of the transformational impacts of information on the strategy and practice of business.

Skillful deployment of strategic information systems is a key to success in today’s business competition.  A scholar and a high-level consultant, Eric Clemons has been the founder and a top thought leader of the IT strategy field.  This book distills many years of his experience into the patterns ruling the digital transformation of markets and companies that unfolds right now.  Clemons will empower you to recognize and to build the competitive patterns that can turn your investment in IT into the foundation of your company’s future.  Learning from Clemons has no equal.

— Vladimir Zwass
Editor-in-Chief,  Journal of Management Information Systems

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